Contact Us FAQ/Help Corporate Where to watch Terms of Use & Privacy You’ve got a great show idea. Maybe it’s the next great travel show, with a unique twist. Or maybe it’s a smart, scripted series that is unlike anything else on television today. If it’s has cultural, social, artistic or educational value, we want to hear from you. While our non-commercial friends and partners do a great job funding and/or creating impactful documentaries and news programming for the public, is focused on funding non- fiction and scripted entertainment programming. Producers with show ideas that our supporters love (and that fulfill our programming mission) get full production funding and support while buildng their audience in the U.S. and abroad. Sign up for our informational webinar where you can find out more about the process and learn when to submit your idea, sizzle reel, pilot or program. “If it doesn’t work as entertainment, it’s not going to get much of a chance to work as anything else.” Madison Paige